Winters Bar, Stockport

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HH Smith

Background info:

Winters is a Grade II listed building located on Little Underbank Stockport that has operated in many guises over the years, including a watch and clockmaker, optician, jewellers, a restaurant, and pub and has now been transformed into a French restaurant.

The restoration was part of the Council’s wider programme of work to restore and improve buildings in the Under banks, with significant funding and support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Project details:

HH Smith and Sons and partners have now restored the building to its former glory.

Work carried out included sensitive repairs and restoration of the building, as well as the unique, automated clock and figures.

Work completed by MBS:

This was a small project for us, but nonetheless, one that we really enjoyed working on given the building’s history.

We installed a kitchen ventilation and gas safety system for the new kitchen.

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